What to Do When You Get a Bad Review


Your restaurant just received a bad review, now what? Restaurants get many reviews both good and bad.

Both positive and negative reviews help in improving the services of a restaurant. 

34% of diners rely on reviews and 53% of 18-34 year olds rely on reviews. (source: modern restaurant management)

While positive reviews attract new customers, negative reviews provide feedback and aid in the improvement of brand reputation. 

Here are 5 things you must keep in mind when you come across a bad review about your restaurant online.

1. Stay Level-headed

Be calm, composed and look at things objectively. Becoming blinded by frustration or anxiousness will not be good for your restaurant’s image online. 

2. Create a Fitting Response to the Review

After having looked at the review objectively, you will be able to marketing in tallahasse,marketing in toronto, marketing in windsor,marketing in tampaunderstand and determine how you need to improve any aspect of your restaurant, customer service included.

In other words, by looking at the negative review objectively, you will understand that with this review you are also receiving feedback on your service and you will be able to form an adequate response. 

3. Be Understanding with a Bad Review

marketing in newmarket, marketing in toronto, marketing in tallahassee, marketing in tampa, marketing in jacksonville,marketing in miamiMistakes can happen, whether from your side or the customers’ side. If it is a complaint about something on your side, own up to it.

Take responsibility and deal with things accordingly, you can offer compensation or ask to make up for any mistakes that were caused


4. Feedback

After calmly approaching the situation and handling it accordingly, ask for feedback about their services again and if the situation permits it, ask for a positive review. 

marketing in toronto, marketing in ottawa, marketing in windosr,marketing in jacksonville, marketing in orlando, marketing in miamiIf you successfully solved the issue, the customers would be willing to provide you with a positive review and speak about how you were able to make things better for them.

With this, you will be able to gain customers’ trust to handle things appropriately and make their dining experience the best.

5. Directing Complaintsmarketing toronto, marketing ottawas, marketing jacksonville, marketing orlando, marketing miami

Customers post reviews online, positive or negative, when they feel comfortable about speaking of it. This is why some customers who have a negative review will not speak to you directly at the restaurant, but instead post about it online.

In order to make sure that the complaints come to you directly before they go online, you could create a feedback management app which would organize the reviews and direct them to you.

The app would help with providing reports of customer satisfaction and help you manage things immediately and it won’t affect the restaurants reputation. 

A bad review is a good thing as it means that a customer has taken note of your restaurant and decided to look at different aspects of your restaurant in detail. If you are able to successfully handle such comments, you will improve your brand reputation tremendously.

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Mathew Jazenko is VP of marketing at Calvary Marketing and can be contacted at info@calvary-marketing.ca or 1-888-630-9384