Online Advertising

All packages include a weekly 1/2 hour debriefing to see how the week went. During debriefing, we will discuss suggestions, concerns, and tweaking of ads/offers to get peoples’ attention.

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Google Ads

• Google largest search engine in world
• Get noticed above the noise
• We take out all the jargon, so you know exactly what is happening with your ads
• Get reports delivered to your inbox
• See your ads in action
• Stay relevant with your customers
• Includes up to 5 keywords

Facebook Ads and Page

• Largest social media platform
• Go where your customers are
• Don’t waste money on places where your customers are not visiting
• You want to increase sales, don’t you?
• You want people to eat at your restaurant, don’t you?
• You went into business to make money, didn’t you?
• Includes up to 5 keywords and 3 different audience profiles
• Event updates happening at your restaurant i.e. karaoke Wednesdays

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Direct Mail

• Online ads sometimes get crowded
• Sometimes need to go offline to take customers online
• Get attention faster with a coupon
• Coupon can be for dine in or take out
• Combine online advertising with direct mail
• Powerful 1-2 punch to get consumers attention
• Consumers are very busy and direct mail can cut through clutter of online advertising

Landing Page

• All ads will lead to a specific page designed to get people to order from your restaurant
• Included with every online marketing package
• Designed to capture email addresses to stay in touch with your customers
• It takes a lifetime to gain a customer and 1 nano second to lose them
• Price includes set up and management

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Skip the Dishes ad

• Includes account set up
• Ads
• Account management
• Designed to get customers to eat at your restaurant
• Canadian competitor to Uber Eats
• Less known that Uber Eats
• Ads can be changed at anytime

Uber Eats ad

• Includes account set up
• Ads
• Account management
• Designed to get customers to eat at your restaurant
• Uber is well known in comparison to the competition
• More expensive due to brand notoriety
• Better bang for buck

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Doordash ad

• Lesser known app
• Better price compared to others
• Newer competitor to uber and skip the dishes
• Aggressively advertise to get known
• Newer generation using smartphones all the time


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