Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

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How to stay relevant in any business and restaurants are no different, is a question I get asked a lot. Just posting some  mouth-watering photos onto your Instagram account is not enough to stay relevant.

The objective is to be relevant in your postings and diversify the things you write about. Being active on social media is a no brainier, but it takes time.

Rest assured though, becoming more active on social media, will generate more attention and the more customers will notice your restaurant.

These are 5 methods you can use to reach your customers and stay relevant.

Positive Publicity and Alerts from Google

The old saying goes you pay for advertising, but you pray for publicity. When your restaurant gets mentioned in a local paper or blog post, take advantage of it.

Post the article or blog post on your website and social media account. This in turn separates your restaurant from the competition!

It’s a good idea to set up a alerts on Google and get notified as soon as your restaurant name is mentioned.

Food Bloggers Can Help Restaurants Stay Relevant

Reaching out to local food bloggers will only help with exposure to new audiences. Think of it as a win-win for both the blogger and your restaurant.

The blogger gets something new to blog about and the restaurant gets free publicity. A good way to entice the food blogger is a discount on food like save 20% or a free meal.

Not all food bloggers will accept your offer, so be prepared for rejection.Perhaps because the food blogger only writes about say steaks or wildlife food like venison, etc.

Finding a fit is important.

Using Food Trucks

Food trucks are increasing in popularity due to the lower overhead and more exposure to a new crowd. It’s a good idea to take advantage of long weekends at special events like Victoria Day, etc

Usually there will be an event for the long weekend like free live music combined with food trucks combined with say fireworks display at night.

Check with your city officials to find out what, if any, long weekend events they are planning. If not, who’s to say you can’t park a truck by a large local park?

The advantage is your food gets in front of more people aside from the physical location. Offer coupons to save money at your restaurant giving potential customers a reason to check out your restaurant.

Use Local Farmers and Vendors

Get involved in your community by using local farmers and vendors. When you advertise that your food is locally sourced, this will give consumers a reason to eat at your restaurant.

Consumers want to shop local using local business owners. The reasoning is simple, using a local business means profits stay in the community.

Can a multinational food chain say that?

Provide monthly newsletter updates

Staying relevant and up to date entails providing social media content, sending out email blasts and offers to stay top of mind in consumers minds.

Ideally, share any content that has the ability to attract customers. Like mention about a new large catering contract with a local school or minor league sports event. to

Some restaurants have on going specials like Monday night wing night where wings are either half price, or $0.40 each etc.

Tie into major sporting events like Stanly Cup playoffs, etc with specials. Advertise it on your social media page to give consumers a reason to eat at your restaurant.

As in a steak special with all the trimmings for a low price during games where the home team plays. In this example customers are given a reason to visit your restaurant on a certain day;

it also curtails your costs as it is only offered during home games when the home team plays. The special has to have a time limit otherwise consumers will put it off..


Make sure to make use of all 5 of these ideas to stay relevant and updated with the times and let us know how it goes!

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Mathew Jazenko is VP of marketing at Calvary Marketing and can be contacted at or 1-888-630-9384