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Calvary Marketing will ride to your aid for all your marketing needs. Our founder Mathew Jazenko started Calvary Marketing after experiencing disappointment with the marketing efforts of the various marketing companies he hired.

We Know What Works

Marketing companies say do Google ads so, Mathew tries it. Do LinkedIn advertising they say, so Mathew tires it. Try Facebook advertising they say, so Mathew tires it. Each time Mathew tries what the digital marketing companies tell him, it works, but only for a short time.

Mathew eventually learned the hard way that what he was being advised to do did not work in the long run. After spending hundreds of dollars on one-time campaigns that started out great then fizzled, he realized that it takes a combination of both online and offline efforts and a consistent, long term approach. A lot of marketing companies will tell you online is the way to go. They are partly right. However, the reality is, for the restaurant business, it takes a mix of online AND offline resources to get the consistent and dynamic results they need.

Mathew’s commitment to his customers is to work as hard as you do in your business to ensure you are using all the available tools you can to get more sales. That means using both old and new school techniques.

Isn’t it time you called Calvary Marketing? Don’t you need more customers? Call us today 18886309384

“It ain’t over until you have tried everything.”- Tony Robbins

We promise to try everything to get you more sales.

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