7 Absolute Best Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Use Now

I have put together 7 absolute best restaurant marketing strategies to use now. These are easy to implement strategies for your restaurant to improve sales.

Especially during the all important summer months where patrons prefer to go out and not stay in another night. When the temperature soars, patrons want to be in a cool restaurant sipping drinks.

1. Social media is your friend

Social media is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have for any restaurant. Specifically Instagram and Facebook. Facebook has an average of 1.73 Billion active users daily. and Instagram has 500 million active users daily.restaurant marketing, restaurant marketing orlando,restaurant marketing gainsville, restaurant marketing in miami

Advertising on social media is like having a storefront to where your audience hangs out. Tempt your audience with offers that will make their mouths water along with pictures.

Imagine having your ad appear on Instagram.Your audience is wondering where to go for lunch and it is 11:45am and they see your ad. Chances are they will click on it to see what kind of food is being offered.

This is the perfect time to advertise because it is almost lunch time and people get hungry around noon. Like everything else, timing is everything.

2. Get Into Email Marketing

If you have not done this already, now is a good time to start. A good way to grow your email list is to ask your customers to fill out a form while they are eating in your restaurant.

Another way is to have a banner on your website that encourages customers to sign up for deals and contests.

Email is great way to tempt your customers with delicious pictures of food. Combine that with actual pictures of customers eating at your restaurant and having a good time.

This sends the message that real people like them are eating at your restaurant and enjoying an evening out.

3. Invest In Food Apps

There are many food applications that have sprung up in the last 5 years, making it easier for customers to order in. Also, the customer can have the food delivered right to their door. marketing in miami, jacksonville marketing, talahassee marketing

The advantage is, as a restaurant owner, you are not paying someone to stand around the wait for the next order to be delivered. You only pay when a customer orders and that is it.

Choose the most popular food apps and see the customers orders flood in. This is a great way to lure more customers to your restaurant with tempting offers.

4. Focus on Customer Loyalty Programs

It is easier to sell to an existing customer than to find a new one. One way to do this through customer loyalty programs like buy 10 widgets and get the 11th one free.

People love free stuff. When people find out they can get something for free, they will do whatever it takes because it is free. Just make sure that all the conditions are spelled out and are plain as day.

The simpler you make it, the easier it is to manage it.

5. Build Trust More Important Than Ever

Consumers are more weary about spending their hard earned dollars. Consumers are looking for business they can know like and trust.

You can build trust by having a feedback mechanism for hearing great things and not so great things about your restaurant. Every business falls short at time or another.

The quicker a restaurant responds with a resolution, the better. There was a video several years ago about American Airlines physically removing a passenger simply because he refused to give up his seat.

The airline had over booked the flight so it had to “bump” or kick off a passenger to accommodate the new one. This was all caught on a cell phone camera and was plastered all over international news networks.

It didn’t go over very well with the airline and its chairman defended the decision.Guess which airline I’m passing on?

6. Get into local SEO

Getting into local search engine optimization (SEO), is another great marketing strategy to employ. Consumers want to do business with people in their very own community.

It is easy enough to do by claiming and updating your Google My Business Account. It is a good idea to include pictures of the inside as well as some menu items and business hours.

Don’t forget to remind patrons to leave a review on the restaurant’s website. This will ensure Google finds you because it is fresh content.

7. Automate Wherever Possible

Another tactic to help decrease budget and increase efficiencies is marketing automation.This includes Automated Bidding in Google Ads.

Google Ads marketers constantly tweak and adjust campaigns, keywords and bids to get the most for their advertising dollars.The problem is all of the tweaking comes at a cost that is more in hours and higher management fees.

Enter Automated bidding, which allows Google to automate prior moves to adjust your bid in real-time.

Some Final Tips

So now you been equipped with several restaurant marketing strategies to take your restaurant business to the next level. However, here are a few points you should note:

  • Online success of your restaurant is highly dependent on your offline performance; so get your offline activities right.
  • The sooner you put these strategies into action you will be much further ahead of the competition
  • If you run into trouble just call a pro to come in an bail you out..

With these best restaurant marketing strategies,I believe you are well on your way to taking the restaurant industry by storm. Don’t forget that execution is everything!

Mathew Jazenko is VP of Marketing at Calvary Marketing and enjoys helping restaurant owners improve their sales and can be reached at info@calvary-marketing.ca