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Calvary Marketing combines online and offline solutions to provide you with a holistic, integrated marketing strategy that makes you stand out.

There is no one size fits all solution. Each campaign is tailored to your needs and budget.

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    Are You Looking to Increase Your Sales?

    Is the competition eating your sales? Do you wish more people would eat at your restaurant and not the big chains? As an independent restaurant you have your own unique style and product. How do you stand out from the competition and get people in the door? You need a consistent, online marketing strategy that uses both online and offline services.

    We offer solutions ranging from online Facebook and Google ads to offline design of flyers, coupons, and post cards for your prospective customers.

    Let’s Do Something Better Together!

    A recent CTV News article, stated that thousands of businesses will be out of business by the end of this year. That is on top of the thousands s of businesses that have already or going to be closed, including some big name companies.

    Calvary Marketing will ensure that your business is not one of them. Our team of marketing experts will help your business get more customers.

    We will use every tool within your budget to get more customers to come to your business.
    Most businesses use only 1 or 2 methods of marketing. We think the more tools you use the more successful you will be. Don’t you think so?

    Call us today and start getting more customers. (289) 500-1978 or email us info@calvary-marketing.ca

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    Answers to Your Questions

    What is an SEO expert?

    An SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization) is someone who will ensure that customers find your website from among the milions of websites on the internet.
    In other words, an SEO expert helps connect your business with people who want what your business offers.
    You want customers with money to find your business online, don’t you?

    How is Calvary Marketing different?

    We take a holistic approach to marketing. Consumers are bombarded with digital messages all day long.
    Using offline solutions like flyers and postcards, can help make your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    If you don’t stand out, you look like every other business and consumers will go to your competitor instead of your business.
    Don’t you want more customers?
    We will constantly test the marketing campaigns to ensure that you are getting the absolute best results. While no campaign is perfect, only by constantly testing will you the business owner ever know that your campaign is working.
    It’s important to know that your marketing is working, isn’t it?

    It costs too much to do marketing

    It costs too much not to. If you don’t do any marketing, consumers will happily choose your competitor. Isn’t today’s business environment competitive?
    You went into business to make money, didn’t you?
    Wouldn’t you rather have consumers choose your business over your competition don’t you?
    What is it costing you now by not having your challenge fixed?

    Call us now (289) 500-1978 and let’s make you some money.

    Let's Work Together!

    Call Calvary Marketing today for a no pressure solution. Our team will go over the all the solutions that are available to you, the small restaurant owner.

    Having only 1 strategy won’t help, having at least 2 or 3 strategies, will make a difference to your bottom line.
    What have you got to lose, except your current sales challenge?

    Call Mathew today (289)500-1978 and solve your sales challenge today.


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